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3-5-6-axis palletized VMCs - movable worktable


*“Shuttle mode” with two independent mobile worktables for

charging/discharging of the piece without stopping the

working cycle.

*“Tandem mode” with joined mobile worktables for large-sized

piece Machining.

* Easy and fast shifting from “shuttle” to “tandem” mode.

TANDEM 3A - 5A - 6A

X-axis traverse


Y-axis traverse

810 / 700 / 700mm

Z-axis traverse

630 / 950 / 950mm

X-Y-Z axes feedrate

Up to 50m/min

Tilting Head- B axis

n.a./ ± 110°/± 110° degrees

Rotary Table–C axis

n.a./ 660 / 660mm

Rotary Table–C axis

n.a./ 360°/360°degrees      

Max. spindle speed

12,000 - 18,000rpm

Max. spindle power


Max. spindle torque